78% Ingramer Coupon Code – No.1 Instagram Organic Marketing Tool

Ingramer Exclusive  Coupon Code & Its Features

Ingramer is currently the go-to Instagram bot. If you are a serious digital marketer, you know the customer pool in Instagram is way too powerful to ignore. 

However, you cannot spend all day liking, posting, commenting and messaging customers. You have to find a way to do all these tasks and still have time for the actual running of your business.

This is where Ingramer comes in. Stay tuned for our exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code. We are only offering this Ingramer Coupon Code for a limited period so stay woke.

What is Ingramer?

If ever you wanted to automate your Instagram in the most human-like way possible, then Ingramer is your tool. Ingramer helps you to carry out the daily repetitive tasks of running an Instagram account without doing much.

You can like, comment, share, follow/unfollow, dm, and perform basically any tasks automatically.

Ingramer is so careful to mimic human behaviour so that your account is never flagged or suspended for using a bot.

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But, if you need some more convincing, here are Ingramer’s features.

Ingramer Features

  1. Automation

Ingramer does more than the typical Instagram automation. With Ingramer, you can not only automate likes, shares, comments, and messaging, but you can also increase followers by using Pro Targeting filters, username targeting with Gender and Language filters, and automate watching stories.

Additionally, you can automate scheduled posting , stories and gallery posting so that your followers always have something new to view and comment on.

Ingramer does Instagram automation like no other bot. This is why you need to get in on this Ingramer Coupon Code. You do not want a deal such as this exclusive Ingramer Coupon Code to whiz by.

  1. Detailed Analytics

Ingramer provides detailed analysis on your audience and their engagements with its smart analytics instruments. From this data, you can determine which customers are responsive and deserve more targeted approaches. The details include gender, location, device, time, and comments. In the end, you will be able to cultivate a highly-targeted pool of customers for your products and brand. 

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Ingramer Pricing

The criteria for Ingramer pricing is based on modules. This is what they offer.

Promo Module

2-Weeks: Charges $37/account

1-Month: Costs $57/account

3-Months: Valued at $144/account


Direct Module

2-Weeks: Goes for $19/account

1-Month: Charges $29/account

3-Months: Costs $74/account


Scheduled Posting

2-Weeks: Charges $12/account

1-Month: Costs $18/account

3-Months: Goes for $46/account


Hashtag Generator

2-Weeks: Valued at $14/account

1-Month: Costs $22/account

3-Months: Charges $42/account

Feel free to combine multiple modules to access multiple services. Plus, with our Ingramer Coupon Code, you will not feel the price shift at all.


Now that you know what Ingramer has to offer, do not waste any more time. Grab our Ingramer Coupon Code now and begin the scaling process.